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"Lemme take a #selfie" ^^

Unleash the #MONSTER

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Its gettin #cold out there.

Well, its just me drawn as a giraffee. Nothin special.

Watch "Cute black cat playing with a pencil" on YouTube

Cute black cat playing with a pencil:



do it, be fun


C’mon guys. Im open~

By assassinodragon: 7. My favorite book: Rise of the Robots by Jim Murdoch 14. What my greatest achievements are: Played live on a talent show atva ship. That was awesome, but sadly I didnt won. 21. The one place I want to be right now: Somewhere calm & relaxing with my gf. ^^ 28. What I want to be when I get older: Well-known musician, then retired. XD 35. What bands I seen live: I’VE ALMOST SAW PENDULUM, BUT THE SECURITY GUARDS DIDNT LET ME IN! T_T That was one sad moment. 42. The nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me: “I love you the way you are, don’t even try to change.” That always touches my heart. :) OK, thats all for now. If anyone’s interested in asking things from the ones above, feel free. Im always open.

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Mr Smiles has a #creepy smile.

Anti-boredom site

Multilangual site, coz im bored as hell.
Ask anything, I’ll answer.

I just won two free cinema tickets on a wheel of fortune game at a local radio’s roadshow. Lucky me. :D

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